charge nurse : pediatric


Position Summary:
   Responsible for the delivery of primary health care with a focus on individuals who are underserved, including homeless, living in public housing, or uninsured.
Pediatric experience required.
Function as charge nurse.
   Experience as a community:
  oriented nurse working withchildren and adults in underserved populations; Pediatric experience a must.
Must have supervisory and leadership skills to run a fast pace clinic ; Excellent clinical skills; primary care, chronic care, outpatient, community health and pediatric nursing background; Familiarity with health issues including chronic illnesses, communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and mental illness; Ability to work independently within scope of nursing practice; Strong computer skills; experience with electronic medical records; Excellent oral/written communication and interpersonal skills; supervisory experience required; Ability to manage multiple tasks and produce expected results; strong analytical and problem solving skills; Patient education experience helpful ; Ability to communicate and work with diverse populations, including clients, staff and volunteers; Commitment to the mission of Care Alliance; Responsibilities/Requirements:
   Function as clinic charge nurse.
Triage, complete intake and basic health assessments and screening on patients according to Care Alliance protocols.
Perform basic procedures, including venipunctures, IVs, injections, EKGs, and assist with other procedures.
Maintain accurate health care records, maintaining confidentiality.
Conduct Nurse Clinics.
Provide individual and small group patient education.
Maintain medications and medical supplies.
Work collaboratively with other Care Alliance health professionals to facilitate a team approach to patient management.
Facilitate a safe environment in Care Alliance clinics, including compliance with Care Alliance, funding, and health care policies and standards, including OSHA, HIPAA, and HRSA requirements.
Participate in continuous quality improvement, risk management and corporate compliance activities, including provider, clinical, safety and quality improvement initiatives.
Monitors progress toward the Care Alliance Health Care Plan goals.
Plan, organize and complete associated paperwork in timely manner.
Provides orientation and supervision of clinical all support personnel, students and volunteers.
Reports to the Director of Nursing Administration.