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Tech beat Internet sales specialist manages the online sales conducted through a dealership’s website Depending on the size of the dealership Online sales specialists may work solely with Internet leads, or they assist customers in the showroom.
As with other sales positions, Internet sales personnel are expected to uphold the highest ethical standard Keeping a dealership’s website up
    *date with the specifications and the availability.
Managing Internet sales leads, responding to inquiries in a timely fashion and answering questions on available stock and product performance.
Selling a minimum number of products or bringing in a minimum of customers from the Internet, based on goals and objectives defined by the sales manager.
Coordinating with a webmaster and sales manager to update the website and create Internet promotions and advertisements.
Scheduling appointments with interested buyers .
Disclosing terms of sales with consumers and reviewing sales with management.
Preparing sold products for customer delivery prior to customer arrival, ensuring that the customer understands their product’s operating features, warranty and paperwork. ... (Read More)